Envoy calls for more trade between Tanzania and Indonesia

01Sep 2018
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Envoy calls for more trade between Tanzania and Indonesia

THE volume of trade between Indonesia and Tanzania increased to $303.4 million last year from $274million recorded in 2016, an increase of 35.2 per cent.

Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania Prof Ratlan Pardede made the remarks on Thursday night at a function he hosted for Indonesia’s business partners where he also issued five Tanzanian firms with business certificates.

The categories for the awards included an award for best trade partner and best frequent trader.

Indonesia’s main exports to Tanzania are edible crude palm oil, machinery parts, chemical products, paper and garments, while it imports cotton, tobacco, cloves, cocoa and legumes from the country.

The envoy said despite the impressive increase in the trade volume, it did not reflect the true potential for Indonesia-Tanzania business opportunities.

According to him, Indonesia was ready to increase trade with Tanzania by encouraging more Tanzanians to import and export products to Indonesia.

“Indonesia is now the 16th largest economy and a member of the G20, the 4th world’s largest population and home to 261million people with a robust democratic government,” he said.

He added that Tanzania, with 50 million people, was a key gateway to Africa as it bordered 8 countries.

Indonesia has had diplomatic relations with Tanzania since 1964, building a relationship that was crucial to both countries, he said.

In so doing, his country convened an Indonesia-Africa Forum in April 2018 where representatives from the Tanzanian government and the business community also attended.

For his part, Director General of Tantrade Edwin Rutageruka said Indonesia-Tanzania relationship was crucial in realizing the country’s industrial drive.

“I challenge Tanzanian businesspeople to come to Jakarta for TEI 2018, promote our products and import Indonesian products as trade is a two-way undertaking,” he stated.

He said businesspeople would also have the opportunity to establish direct consultation with the trade counselor and officials from the Ministry of Trade regarding their business deals with Indonesia.