Establish centres for selling timber, Kanyasu directs TFS

13Jan 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Establish centres for selling timber, Kanyasu directs TFS

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu has directed Tanzania Forests Services Agency (TFS) to establish special centres for selling timber just as it was for the centres for honey.

Constantine Kanyasu

He said   establishing the centres will be an important step for TFS in attaining industrial economy – by starting selling timber instead of logs.

Speaking yesterday Kanyasu wants TFS to start processing timber from forests that are under its authority that will be reliable income earner.

Apart from the timber selling centres, Kanyasu also called on TFS to start collecting revenues from  forest resources     by adding value to generate funds for establishing new forest farms.

He said by TFS  processing and selling timber will help  consumers to buy timber at affordable prices compared to timber sold by other traders who buy the logs from TFS.

Kanyasu also said the step will assist the government to reap big profits by selling value added products – timber instead of logs.

He said the establishment of the timber processing plants will also help in the control of unfaithful traders who collaborate with forest officials to cut  trees that are in danger of extinction.

He explained that the decision by government to ban cutting and transporting hard logs was contributed by TFS for not having its own plants for processing logs.

Kanyasu also hailed TFS for establishing centres for selling honey as of now the society is certain of buying good quality honey.

He also directed TFS to speed up the process of getting certification from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) so that the honey can be sold at international markets.