EU envoy pleased by Z’bar Spices Project

11Jun 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
EU envoy pleased by Z’bar Spices Project

EUROPEAN UNION (EU) Ambassador in Tanzania Manfredo Fanti has expressed his pleasure by the implementation of the Zanzibar Spices project, saying he holds high hopes the project will not only reduce poverty but eradicate it from among many farmers in the Isles.

Manfredo Fanti (L), Head of the European Union Delegation in Tanzania, views vanilla plants in a field class during yesterday’s tour of a spice project at Kizimbani in Zanzibar implemented with EU support. Photo: Correspondent Rahma Suleiman

He made the remarks during his special visit to some of the farms in Kizimbani and Biguni wards in Unguja.

He said the project, involving the cultivation of spices, vegetables and fruits, if well implemented could change the lives of the farmers, as they can grow quality crops in abundance that can attract reliable markets.

He called in the farmers not to lose hope, but work hard as “from what I have seen, they could do more.”

Some of the project’s beneficiaries, including Haji Abdallah Abeid, a vanilla farmer, said education acquired through the project has helped him to improve vanilla farming as he has already started seeing the results.

“For many years I have been using traditional farming practices with meagre harvests, but now, from the education and expertise I have acquired, I have started seeing good results and many of my dreams will be realised,” he added.

In regard to the market of the vanilla crop, he said they sell a kilogram of the crop at 1.6m/- per kilo, hence through the project, he believes the price will increase as they expect to produce quality crops.

Another farmer from Binguni who grows papaws said among the project’s benefits was that it has helped them to form groups that they expect to share farming experiences among members.

For her part, the project’s implementation manager Amina Ussi Khamis said the coming of the EU envoy was of great benefit to them in regard to what they have invested with the aim of helping farmers.

The Zanzibar Spices and Horticulture Project is being implemented by Tanzania Media Women Association in Zanzibar (TAMWA-Zanzibar), Community Forests Pemba (CFP) and People’s Development Forums (PDF) under sponsorship from the European Union (EU).

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