Expect ever-improved terms, conditions, investors assured

22Nov 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Expect ever-improved terms, conditions, investors assured

​​​​​​​THE government has declared that it will continue improving the investment environment in the country by making appropriate adjustments to the relevant pieces of legislation as well as policies, guidelines and regulations in a deliberate effort to attract more Tanzanian and foreign investors.

Agriculture minister Prof Adolf Mkenda.

Agriculture minister Prof Adolf Mkenda made the pledge here at the weekend shortly after an extensive tour of Kagera Sugar Limited (KSL) in Misenyi District, Kagera Region.

The visit included inspecting the firm’s sugarcane plantations and the irrigation infrastructure and system the firm depends on.

“The government has always continued to ensure that the country boasts a supportive investment climate made possibly largely through the improvement of the performance of its various agencies and institutions,” said the minister.

He added: “There are deliberate efforts to cut red tape at government offices, especially those dealing with investment-related issues.”

The minister expressed satisfaction with KSL’s large-scale investment including providing employment to young Tanzanian university graduates, which he referred to as a positive trend worth supporting and emulating “in part because it reduces unemployment among our country’s youths.”

“This sugar processing factory has been recruiting young agricultural agronomists and other experts as well as various other professionals from our own universities and training them internally and internationally to enhance their expertise for increased productivity,” he said.

“Kagera Sugar Limited has shown the way. We want to see the private sector continue to grow so that our young graduates can secure jobs. All companies need to look for experts from our universities colleges and take them for capacity building courses to enhance their productivity for the good of the nation,” he stated.

The professor explained that he was touring KSL chiefly to make official consultations with investors by way of learning from the headway they have made and the challenges they commonly encounter, “so as to see how best to come up with a way out that will lead to a boost in investment.”

He also inspected the ongoing construction of a strategic bridge to connect Misenyi and Karagwe districts, both in Kagera Region, said he was impressed with the progress in the implementation of the project.

The bridge is of vital use in transferring sugarcane from KSL plantations to the factory for onward processing.

Prof Mkenda commended the factory for its ongoing expansion efforts which are meant to lead to a boost in sugar production, noting that KSL was the number one sugar producer in Tanzania.

KSL board chairman Seif Ali Seif meanwhile said they found the minister’s visit a “massive motivating factor”, adding: “We are happy that the government has seen what we Tanzanian investors are doing to boost sugar production, this including various initiatives to make the importation of sugar unnecessary.

Recent reports show that Tanzania’s domestic demand for sugar stood at an annual 470,000 tonnes, while the country’s five sugar processing factories had the capacity of producing a combined 378,000 tonnes by 2019.

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