Factors of excusable delay contractors' performance

20Apr 2019
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Factors of excusable delay contractors' performance

AUTHORITIES in Njombe region have said the one month deadline issued by President John Magufuli to complete construction of Njombe bus terminal can hardly be achieved due to complexity of   job   variety factors.

Njombe District chairman, Edwin Mwanzinga

Njombe District chairman, Edwin Mwanzinga said: “We cannot meet the one month deadline by 100 per cent due to various factors including changing weather conditions and ongoing rains”.

The project which is implemented by Hanang Intarnational Limited aims to create sustainable, conducive and secured bus terminal for inter-regional buses, inter-town buses, inter-district buses, intra Njombe town buses (Dala dala) and taxes.

According to Mwanzinga the other remaining works include  removing broken stones, bricks, and other materials, construction of parking lot and ticket booking/reservation counters, fixing gates and construction of passengers’ waiting lounge.

“The contractors failed to continue with laying of paving blocks at the parking lot due to ongoing rains. We are expecting to complete the remaining job by end of June, 2019”, he said adding the new bus terminal will be in use from July this year.

He said the district authority also wants to construct business stalls along the terminal fence. He said the stalls will be special for small scale entrepreneurs.

He said they are planning to start using the new terminal in the coming financial year whereas the district is expected to collect more revenues from inter-regional buses, inter-town buses and inter-district buses.

While in Njombe last week, President John Magufuli tasked Njombe district executive director, Iluminata Mwenda and the contractor, Hanang Intarnational Limited to make sure construction of the bust stand is completed in one month.

The bus terminal will also include administration offices, waiting room, restaurant, toilets, police post and an information room. It is located at Mjimwema, some 4 kilometers from Njombe town along the Makambako -Songea road.

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