Farmers in southern highlands urged to use sulphur fertiliser

18Oct 2021
The Guardian
Farmers in southern highlands urged to use sulphur fertiliser

​​​​​​​MANY farmers in southern highlands regions have been urged to use fertiliser with the sulphur content to increase crops production.

Submitting his research report on soil status in Iringa Region at the weekend, a researcher from the Uyole Centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Uyole), Watson Matamwa said use of sulphur-less fertiliser has caused the soil in many areas to have acid that has impacted on crops production.

He said some farmers have a negative on fertiliser with sulphur claiming it destroys the soil, which he said was not true.

“We have a great task in educating our farmers on the use of sulphur fertiliser because it helps in providing nutrients to the soil and increase crops profitability,” said Matamwa.

For his part, another TARI-Uyole researcher, Frederick Mlowe said Iringa soil has small sulphur content that cause many crops including wheat and rice not reaching their maximum profitability as anticipated by farmers.

Mlowe said TARI continues to conduct research on soil in various southern highlands regions and invent technologies that will help to increase nutrients in the soil to help farmers reap more crops, as well as to fight plants’ diseases.

Following reports showing Iringa Region being faced by soil nutrients, TARI-Uyole director Dr Tulole Bucheyeki said nutrients in soils had diminished, and advised to use the correct measurements every time they apply fertiliser so as not to affect crops in the fields.

OCP, sponsors of soil testing project in the four southern highlands regions including Mbeya and Iringa, Prof Mshindo Msola said various steps have taken to fight lack nutrients in soils  

Among them is to provide education on better use of fertiliser and distribution of the farm inputs to enable farmers harvest more crops.

For his part, assistant Iringa Region Economic planning secretary, Wilfer Myuyu said they will go to work on the report in order to increase nutrients in the soil.

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