Fear after 20 bodies are dumped in river

19Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
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Fear after 20 bodies are dumped in river

SHOCK is spreading in parts of Kenya after at least 20 dead bodies were retrieved from a river in the western zone in recent weeks.

River Yala in Kenya where mysterious dead bodies are dumped

Human rights group, Haki Africa says most of the bodies recovered from River Yala, which flows into Lake Victoria, were found in sacks, with some tied up and others damaged signifying that the victims had gone through torture before being dumped into the river.

“What is shocking and extremely disturbing is that these bodies are actually dumped by individuals who so far remain unknown,” said Hussein Khalid, the group’s executive director, who affirmed that the local mortuary was receiving unidentified bodies.

They had buried nine of them in a mass grave to make space for more bodies, he said, while local residents say unidentified people dumped the bodies into the river at night.

Khalid and another activist, Boniface Mwangi, travelled to the scene, and recounted seeing two bodies floating on the river, with Mwangi posting on Twitter that he and the head of local human rights organisation had counted more than 20 decomposing bodies at Yala hospital mortuary.

The information has come as a shock to Kenyans with many pouring out their anger on social media, raising questions about their safety in the region, with actual numbers being higher than the 20 bodies deposited at the mortuary.

About 31 bodies have been retrieved from the river since last July, hospital sources said.

“We didn’t believe him but agreed to follow him to the river. In a span of minutes, he had spotted and shown us two bodies. The whole scene was sickening,” the activist wrote, with other reports citing locals saying the bodies are brought from different areas in vehicles and dumped in the river.

Various organizations are demanding investigations to ascertain the identities of the dead and know who is behind the killings, the reports noted.