Feza Schools Student wins Harvard university scholarship

12Aug 2020
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Feza Schools Student wins Harvard university scholarship

A TANZANIAN student Yousuf Moustapha has won 100 percent Harvard University Scholarship to study in United States of America beginning the academic year 2020/21.

Moustapha was a student at Feza International School (FIS) completed his secondary advanced level education in the year 2020.Speaking when addressing journalists, Feza Schools Director Ibrahim Yunus said the school’s staff including administrators, parents, teaching staff, and non - teaching received the news of the scholarship with joy.

 “The management of FIS and Tanzania Feza Schools in general congratulate Moustapha for his achievement” said Yunus adding that applying to American universities was not an easy task, especially to the top IVY League universities, and acquiring 100percent scholarship.

“He never thought his dreams would come true to join such an Outstanding University in the World if it wasn’t for his incredibly supportive family, friends and the entire teaching staff” he said.

According to him Feza International School is well equipped with Professional Teachers, Good learning environment which promotes the hardworking spirit.

Teachers normally demonstrate the highest interest in training pupils.Students at FIS actually have different skills and interests in educational issues, clubs, sports activities, trips and the likes.

Still Yousuf elaborated more that students not only need to have an excellent academic record but also demonstrate extra-curricular skills like sports, leadership, unique talents etc.

Explaining Moustapha's journey, Yousuf said that the Harvard admissions office looks for a wide spectrum of skills in an applicant.With years of hard work and dedication, he was blessed to maintain good grades while dedicating his free time to his hobbies like music, and contributing to the Tanzanian community by volunteering at Time to help organization.

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