Fire Brigade boss warns over corruption risks

11Nov 2019
The Guardian
Fire Brigade boss warns over corruption risks

THE Commissioner General of the Fire Brigade and Rescue Services Thobias Andengenye has cautioned the firefighters to desist from corruption, saying whoever will be found receiving any amount of a bribe will be dealt with accordingly.

Thobias Andengenye

Andegenye issued the warning here at the weekend when speaking to firefighters of Mbeya Fire Brigade during his inspection visit, adding that corruption cannot be tolerated.

He called on the firefighters to be faithful to serve the wananchi especially when they are doing their duties, putting off fires and rescue people in danger.

He said the Brigade is faced by various challenges including inadequacy of personnel but added that it was better to remain with few faithful firefighters than having many of them who are corrupt.

He insisted that as of now the Brigade will continue to deal with the corrupt elements because corruption denies justice to those who need it.

Meanwhile, he said the Brigade has started to build fire stations in districts that do not have them including the purchase working equipment to ease its work.

He said in Mbeya region only two districts remain without fire stations – Chunya and Kyela which had been lined up for having the same.

He said the government has already set aside funds for the purchase of fire engines and for repair of those  which had broken down.

He also warned some people who misuse the Brigade’s hotlines by calling to inform fake incidents of fire while it was not true.

He said such acts cause the Brigade to suffer loss in terms of its resources to rush to the ‘fake’ scenes of fires and also sometimes to fail to attend to genuine incidents, and added that they will continue to educate the wananchi on the proper use of the hotlines.