Five church members die after currents hit tiny canoe

09May 2022
The Guardian
Five church members die after currents hit tiny canoe
  • Village officer appeals for a bridge at the area

​​​​​​​FIVE people believed to be followers of the Seventh Day Adventists Church, residents of Mori at Lowak village in Rorya District in Mara Region have drowned after a canoe taking them to Matara side of the village for prayers capsized.

The boat capsized when a rope tugging the canoe snapped causing the vessel to lose balance, its passengers thrown off board and drowning.

Kowak village executive Charles Mwita and Nyathorogo ward councilor Godfrey Dalmas said the incident happened on Saturday at around 10:00 in the morning at Mori River.

The canoe was tied with a rope, being tugged by people on the other bank of the river, but then the rope snapped with the tiny vessel in midstream, they explained, noting that it was overpowered by strong river currents arising from ongoing rains.

The ward official stated that the bodies of two among the five in the canoe including a girl child were retrieved through efforts of some people rushing to the rescue, with efforts to find the remaining bodies being pursued at the moment

Ferrying people across the river was a routine activity but lacking reliable safety measures, such people often lose their lives crossing the river in crude vessels, the village official noted, appealing to the government to build a bridge at the area.

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