Five Year Development Plan-III should make use of youth knowledge

03Aug 2021
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
Five Year Development Plan-III should make use of youth knowledge

UNITED Nations Association (UNA Tanzania) has called on the government and other stakeholders to ensure youth views, needs and priorities are seriously included and implemented in the five year development plan (FYDPIII).

young people from different thematic areas reviewing FYDPII and recommendations. Photo by correspondent Gerald Kitabu

Speaking during youth engagement meeting aimed at reviewing the FYDP III and getting recommendations in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, UNA Tanzania said besides constituting big percent of the population, most youth are talented in various aspects such as science, innovation and technology (STI).

UNA Tanzania program officer, youth and economic rights Lucas Kifyasi said if the FYDP III intend to successfully achieve its goals and objectives, it is better to tape in youth knowledge and skills.

Citing an example, he said that there are many innovative young people but don’t have start ups and financing support  such as soft loans and capital to scale up their innovations that could address or provide solutions to some of the problems facing communities.

The youth are also good at technologies but they face many challenges ranging from employment to capital.

“It is possible to secure soft loans or capital from financial institutions but what is missing is creating conducive environment for the youth to secure them, scale up their innovation and develop enterprise,” he said.

“We are learning a big lesson at this period of corona disease. If we could invest in innovation some five years ago, some of the problems such as lack of medical facilities to help fight the disease would have been locally made by innovative youth,” he said.

That’s why the youth are asking that their needs and priorities should be given required weight in the plan to successfully achieve the FYDPIII objectives,” he added.

He called on the youth to start innovating, to become job creators and engage in the decision making process.

UNA Tanzania communication and advocacy officer Godrida Magubo challenged the youth to thoroughly read the five year development plan (FYDP III) and understand their priorities in the plan.  

She said it is important that the youth should understand their priorities in the plan and how the government set to implement them with youth in mind.

The FYDP III is the final phase in the implementation of the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and because it cuts across every other aspect of development plans, it should include both youth needs and priorities.

“It is important that the youth reads and understands the FYDPIII so that when the reviews are done, the youth can be proud of being part of the plan,” she said.

For his part, Martha Luanda from Ministry of Finance and Planning said the FYDPIII has several priority areas in which the youth can make use and develop. These areas includes special economic zones, industries, agriculture, fisheries and value chain opportunities.

The five year development plan (FYDP III) is the final phase in the implementation of the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and the last part of the long term perspective Plan (LTPP). It aims to put up a specific environment for building on the achievements obtained since the launching of the TDV 2025. For that reason, FYDP III will continue to implement the projects and programs aimed at opening up economic opportunities, build an industrial economy, strengthen competitiveness in domestic, regional and global markets as well as strengthen human development.

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