Floods render 600 people homeless in Hanang

28Feb 2016
Guardian On Sunday
Floods render 600 people homeless in Hanang

OVER 50 households in Katesh township, Hanang district in Manyara region have been rendered homeless by floods due to ongoing rains in the area.

Thobias Mwilapwa

It is estimated that nearly 1000 acres of farms with assorted crops have been destroyed by the floods.

Hanang district commissioner, Thobias Mwilapwa confirmed the disaster, saying some 600 people were now homeless after floods demolished their houses. “This is the second time that storms are wreaking havoc here.

The same phenomenon occurred last year, resulting in massive loss of crops,” said the DC.

Adding that limited harvests from last seasons, coupled with the fact that the rains had also destroyed this year’s crops, made Hanang susceptible to serious food insecurity.

Mwilapwa explained that they had already requested relief food from the central government. “The district needs 10,000 tonnes of grain but we have so far received 350 tonnes during the first phase and 200 tons in the second consignment,” he said.

The district commissioner also urged residents in the drought-stricken area to sell part of their livestock so they could use the money to buy food.

The DC ordered people in the area to grow crops that were resistant to harsh weather effects such as drought and diseases. These include cassava, potatoes, millet and sorghum.