Four farmers’ coops get 27bn/- from TADB to procure coffee in Lake Zo

10Aug 2020
The Guardian
Four farmers’ coops get 27bn/- from TADB to procure coffee in Lake Zo

FOUR Lake Victoria Zone cooperative apexes have received 27bn/- from the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) to buy coffee from farmers during the current marketing season.

The  cooperatives  which had benefitted from the money included Ngara Farmers Cooperative, Karagwe District Cooperative Union (KDCU), Kagera Cooperative Union (KCU) and Mara Farmers Cooperative Union (WAMACU).

The agro-bank support has made Industry and Trade Minister Innocent Bashungwa a happy man here at the Nane Nane Nyakabindi Fair Grounds.  Nane Nane celebrations are being held here at national level.

Bashungwa told his audience that he was happy and grateful to the TADB for remaining committed to facilitation of farmers’ cooperatives and uplifting the livelihoods of coffee growers in the lake zone, and especially in Kagera Region.  Three of the four apexes are serve members in Kagera Region.

“I have been informed by the TADB Lake Zone Manager, Mike Granta who represented Managing Director Japhet Justine that as of now their bank has already given these cooperatives a total of 27bn /- to buy coffee from farmers.  This is an important step in promoting peoples development in Kagera and Mara Regions, the ministers said adding that he was happy and grateful to the agricultural state bank,” he said.

The bank set aside TADB 39.6bn/- to buy coffee from farmers during the 2019/20 but has already released 27bn/- .

The minister said realising the 27bn/- was a great thing but called on the bank to follow up closely the implementation of the exercise.  You have done a great job.  However, go step further and satisfy yourselves that the grower has received the money due to him, based on agreed on arrangement in order block complaints, he said.

He said the government was keen on development of strategic crops in order to get raw materials and advance the national industrialisation agenda.

Granta assured the minister that bank workers would ensure the payment arrangement was adhere to earn the trust of coffee growers.  Complaints, he said, would stain the image of the bank and ruin its good intentions.