France doubles bilateral aid to Tanzania

21Mar 2018
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
France doubles bilateral aid to Tanzania

THE French government has announced that it is doubling its support to Tanzania to 100million euros in this year from 50 million euros last year to fund three key sectors water, transportation and energy.

French Ambassador to Tanzania, Frederic Clavier.

French Ambassador to Tanzania, Frederic Clavier made the statement to reporters on Thursday in Dar es Salaam, saying that the plan is intended to support the country’s strategy for becoming a middle-income economy.


“The French Agency for Development (AFD) has decided that from this year it will double the portfolio which is dedicated to Tanzania from euro 50million to 100million." This shows that France is hopeful about the future of Tanzania, the envoy specified.      


He said the fund will be channeled to develop three key sectors including energy, water and transport, "and we are thinking of expanding to tourism and agriculture."


“We want to upgrade this relation through universities in Tanzania by creating mobility of students to exchange universities whereby French students will get a chance to study in Tanzania and Tanzanians to study in France also,” he elaborated. 


"This is a proposal we are working together to make Tanzania the best platform of cooperation (with France) in East Africa," he said.   


Tanzania needs to be more well known in France, so we have to promote this Destination Tanzania economy in terms of tourism, energy, transport and universities.


Clavier maintained that through these relations, private companies from France will come to Tanzania to invest and create jobs in order to uplift the economy.  


“It is a win-win partnership that will bring on board private and public sectors to put money on the table and to

facilitate these goals,” he further stated.   


Dr Leonard Akwilapo, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training said they have had talks with French government officials where France has decided to increase its support in energy, transport and water sectors. 


He said the French government has opted to support Tanzania in higher learning whereby they will introduce an exchange programme with French students.


“Though they have not clearly said how many students are needed to go for study in France in the first batch, the government will recommend anesthetics to be given first priority to study in order to fill the gap present in hospitals,” he stated.


The French education program will help the government to increase the mobility of students to study in other countries like they now study in Malaysia, the United States, Iran and several others.     


“The government will collaborate with the French government to make sure that students benefit from the education exchange program,” he added. 



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