French ambassador vows to support   Tanzania’s education system

08Feb 2018
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
French ambassador vows to support   Tanzania’s education system

FRENCH ambassador to Tanzania has vowed to support and strengthen Tanzania’s education system following the high level of accountability and good environment that has been created by President John Magufuli.

French ambassador to Tanzania Frederic Clavier.

“We are so impressed with the initiative taken by the President to create conducive environment for education, we will from next year meet to discuss together how to develop education systems in the two countries,” said French ambassador to Tanzania Frederic Clavier.


The envoy was speaking during the launch of Koombook, a ‘digital library’ that went together with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) and the embassy for the establishment of digital library for teaching French language. The event took place at the college campus recently in Dar es Salaam.  


“Promotion of French language is a priority for the French government, and for this reason the embassy is committed in introducing new initiatives to strengthen the mutual relationship that exists between the French embassy and the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE),” he said.


The French embassy in collaboration with the Dar es Salaam College of Education (DUCE) and libraries without borders BSF conducted three-day training for French teachers based in Dar es Salaam on how to use the Koombook. 


The BSF is a French non-governmental organisation whose objective is to strengthen the access to information, education and culture worldwide by providing access to innovative products even in the most remote areas.


The Koombook is an ultra-portable digital library with a wealth of educational resources that can operate even in the most remote locations.


“In the context where the French teachers have limited access to new resources, this new technology will provide an excellent opportunity for the latest French language teaching tools,” the ambassador said.


The Koombook launched on Monday will be based at DUCE and will be accessible to all French teachers and students in Dar es Salaam Region.


“This innovative portable digital library, which works without internet connection, is developed by libraries without borders. The facility is not only for DUCE community but all Tanzanians to learn French,” he emphasized. 


Speaking before signing the MoU between the college and French embassy progamme, Principal of the Dar es Salaam University College of Education Prof Godliving Mtui said the MoU will mark the installation of Koombook, the electronic library for accessing materials to learn French at the college.


Through the Koombook, the college has benefited from support of teaching, learning materials and equipment.


The French unit received computers, printers, photocopy machines and textbooks, with the   developments DUCE has become a reliable centre for teaching French as a foreign language.


“I would like to advise all trainees to take the sessions seriously because we depend on them to take the teaching of French to the next higher level in the college and Tanzania in general,” he explained.


I would encourage French teachers to inspire more students to learn French considering the growing demand for international languages.


In the highly globalised world of today, knowing only one language is not sufficient, the current labour market forces demand for one to have at least two to three international languages to remain relevant.