Fuel firm sets out clean energy plans

26Nov 2021
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Fuel firm sets out clean energy plans

​​​​​​​FOR a month now TotalEnergies Marketing (T) Ltd has been negotiating with the Ministry of Energy on its expectation to contribute power from clean energy sources to the national grid.

Industry and Trade deputy minister Exaud Kigahe (R) cuts a cake in Dar es Salaam yesterday alongside Jean Francois Schoep (2nd-R), TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Ltd managing director, to launch the firm’s lubricants. Left is the firm’s Legal and Corporate Affairs director, Getrude Mpangile. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

The firm’s corporate affairs director Getrude Mpangile said ongoing talks with the government are based on identifying current projects and the ministry’s areas of priority so that proper targets can be set.

“We have seen this to be an opportunity for our business not only for the local market but also the whole region by turning Tanzania into our regional business hub,” she declared

She made these remarks on Wednesday, where managing director Jean-Francois Schoepp was launching new look TotalEnergies lubricants.

He set out company ambition for net-zero emissions by 2050 in the production process and new energy products offered to customers. It is part of the company’s efforts to address the effects of climate change, he said, With vast climate change effects  leading to drought especially in Africa, TotalEnergies seeks to invest in clean energy production, he stated.

This will that will guarantee sufficient power generation and supply for households and factories,” he remarked, noting that the firm is ambitious as to establishing clean energy generation hubs in various regions through wind, sun and other renewable energy sources.

TotalEnergies plans to an oil and lubricant blending plant catering for the East Africa regional market, the director noted

Currently, the firm has such a plant in Dar es Salaam catering for the local market, she said, airing the view that massive importation of oil and lubricants for vehicles and complex factory machines plays a big part in piling up pressure on the local currency.

.Industry and Trade deputy minister Exaud Kigahe commended the firm for the milestone achieved, innovation and commitment to the local market and neighboring countries with quality products and services.

TotalEnergies is one of the leading investors in the country through its network of stations, through the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and the Lubricant and Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), the largest such plant in East Africa. If specializes in lubricants, coolants and grease, providing job openings to thousands directly and indirectly

The managing director underlined that the world is facing the challenge of producing more energy and less carbon emissions, “so it is the company’s responsibility to work with customers and develop low carbon emission energy solutions.”

“This is why, in addition to these design developments, the lubricants division contributes to the company’s ambition to offer cleaner energy,” he stated, explaining that cutting the weight of cans shall prevent emission of 9,500 tonnes of CO2 each year in the region.

He said the name TotalEnergies is more than a name shift as it reflects its 2050 net zero carbon ambitions, underlining the wish to give the firm a fresh start, “by offering our customers all possible energies with a focus on renewable energy.”

The company’s journey in Tanzania starting more than 50 years ago has been marked by its focus on satisfying the costumer by availing quality products and services all over the country.

“These were 50 years of continuous investments in adding new service stations, strengthening logistics, developing a state-of-the-art blending plant to produce lubricants locally, and making Tanzania the regional hub to supply to seven neighboring countries,” he affirmed.

“This shows our strong contribution to Tanzania’s industrialization,” he said, seeing the new lubricants packaging as a revolution in innovation, now being spread locally and in neighboring countries.

“The new lubricants packaging brings forth new colors and a more ergonomic design to meet our customers’ needs,” he elaborated.

The company is interested in clean energy as climate change effects pose threats to hydroelectric power production across the globe, he added.

The government will continue to support the energy firm, as its endeavors complement the government’s development agenda through innovation, investment and more job openings, the deputy minister affirmed, praising the name shift as reflecting commitment to the environment and lower carbon emissions.

Kigahe urged foreign investors to explore opportunities in the energy sector as the government revisits its policies to ease the doing business environment.

TotalEnergies trade director Amri Khamis said that the improved lubricants were first put on the market in 2005. The new lubricant production plant is pegged at 20,000 metric tonnes a year, he added.