Fuel prices rise further, Ewura admits shortage

05Aug 2020
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Fuel prices rise further, Ewura admits shortage

MOTORISTS will from today dig deeper into their pockets to buy fuel following the announcement of new, higher prices yesterday.

New indicative prices unveiled by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) show that effective today, price for petrol has increased by 139/- per litre, being 8.22 per cent push while the price for diesel rises by 69/- per litre, a four per cent increase.

In Dar es Salaam petrol will sell at 1,832/- per litre with diesel selling at 1,785/- per litre.

Ewura’s Communications and Public Relations manager Titus Kaguo who announced the changes admitted that there is a shortage of fuel in various regions.

However, he asserted that contrary to some reports of countrywide shortage, just some parts of the country experienced the problem.

He explained that the July consignment was delayed due to challenges with the refinery where the petroleum cargo was sourced and a strong monsoon wind that made the ocean supertanker to travel at a  low speed.

“Due to the delay of the shipment for about seven days, EWURA communicated with wholesalers to ensure availability of the products in all parts of the country,” he said.

There has also been a lot of movement by various groups of people in the past month compared totwo months earlier, thus raising the demand for fuel, he said.

Daily demand petrol increased from 3.650m litres in June 2019 to 3.683m litres in June 2020. In July, the demand increased to 4.425m litres per day, a 21 percent addition, he pointed out.

“Despite higher demand for petrol, there is still enough stock that can last beyond one month,” he said, noting that from 29th July to 31st August six ships with petroleum consignments are expected to dock.

Three of the ships with 89.564m litres, enough for 18 days had already docked while three other ships are slated for 13th August to 31st August, with 100.075m litres of petroleum, sufficient for another 22 days, he elaborated.

There is enough stock of diesel, even with a total of 193.391m litres expected to be unloaded in the course of this month, a consignment that suffices for one month, he stated.

In an effort to ensure a stable stock, EWURA has raised its estimate for daily demand for fuel from 4.812m litres to 6.082m litres for next month, September.

 “The Petroleum Bulk Procurement Agency (PBPA) will use the new estimates when ordering fuel for the month of September,” he affirmed.

 Katavi region experienced some challenges but 37,000 litres were on sale since yesterday another consignment of 100,000 litres was on the way, the manager noted.

A slight shortage was noticed in Lake Zone towns of Bunda and Musoma in Mara region, following a delay in fuel tankers from Dar es Salaam reaching the region arriving on 31st July..

 EWURA, admitting that there is shortage of fuel in some parts of the country after shipping delays, blamed ongoing political activities for unusually strong demand.





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