Future of vibrant private sector in hands of enterprising youth, TPSF

30Jun 2020
The Guardian
Future of vibrant private sector in hands of enterprising youth, TPSF

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) said  that it believes the future of Tanzania’s energetic and strong private sector rests in the hands of the country’s youth.

TPSF Executive Director, Godfrey Simbeye.

TPSF Executive Director, Godfrey Simbeye said current efforts being made by the TPSF assures  a strong foundation for vibrant private sector aim at benefiting enterprising skilled young Tanzanians.

He said symposia for youths   held in regions sought to achieve this goal.

“ We have jointly, with Songwe Region, organised a symposium that specifically seeks to expose young people to socio-economic opportunities in their region and Tanzania. We want to show young people how they can and must be important part of Tanzania’s present and future vibrant private sector. We want to see the informal economy that host millions of young people growing strongly,” he told reporters.

He said the private sector grows and will continue to grow as a result of cooperation between the private and public institutions and development partners.

“Our task is to coordinate economic activities and investment. When we look at the overall picture we still see many young Tanzanians outside the informal economy. We want them inside the informal economy. We congratulate Songwe on sharing our view on this issue. We appeal to all regions and institutions to join us in the struggle to ensure young people achieve their dreams,” Simbeye said.

The executive director said the government was working hard to make Tanzania a middle-income industrial nation.

But, he said, that goal would be hard to achieve if young people remained outside the informal economy and were not active participants in building Tanzania’s private sector.

TPSF is the umbrella organization for private sector organisations and societies and is part of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC).

 Simbeye  called on youths in Songwe Region to unleash and fully exploit business opportunities existing in the region to foster their socio-economic development growth.

“Youths are important resources in transforming the socio-economic development growth of this region. We (TPSF) rely heavily on you as Songwe Region is a gateway to SADC countries,” Simbeye said here over the weekend.

Speaking  during a symposium for youths in Songwe meant to explore youth on abundant businesses and investment opportunities available in the region, Simbeye said it was now high time for youths to come forward  and utilise the opportunities  to transform  their living standards.

“This symposium dubbed ‘Kijana na Ndoto yako’ is geared towards linking youths in Songwe Region to exploit available opportunities  in sectors such as agriculture, tourism, health, mining and transportation,” he explained.

Simbeye commended  Songwe Regional Commissioner (retired) Brigadier General Nicodemus  Mwangela and his team for working  closely with TPSF in addressing challenges facing youths urging them to explore into businesses ventures and investment opportunities.

He acknowledged  the support of partners like  Trademark East Africa (TMEA) for supporting public-private dialogues (PPDs) and that the Songwe youth symposium  was a testimony to that goal.

“TPSF is pleased to see public and private sectors work together in addressing  employment challenges facing youths. It is my optimism that the symposium would act as an empowering mechanism to youths,” he said.

He said the government in partnership with the private sector will come up with a policy whose priority aims at supporting youths involvement in socio-economic growth and development in the country.

“My appeal to you all (youths), please form groups so that you can access capital. There are a lot of opportunities for youths to grow and prosper,” the TPSF boss stressed.

 Earlier, Songwe RC Mwangela  urged the youths in the region to be proactive, innovative and use their time to work for economic growth of the region.

“This symposium is purely an innovation of youths themselves. We (the government) and private sector have the role play to ensure they succeed in their pursuit,” RC Mwengela said, calling for youths to continue working hard.

Charles Mkemesa, a youth who participated at the symposium said it as an eye opener for them to broaden their understanding of businesses and investment opportunities available in the region.