GBV: Legal aid centre calls upon the women to open up

15Mar 2019
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
GBV: Legal aid centre calls upon the women to open up

THE Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) has called upon women who are experiencing any kind of violence across the country to speak out on the scourges so as to be helped.

WLAC acting director Wigayi Kisandu made the call in Dar es Salaam saying that by speaking out, it will prop up the war against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country.

According to her, there were a number of women who are victims of GBV but due to lack of legal awareness about their rights, they remain silent on  what  actions should be taken.

Kisandu was speaking during the meeting which brought together women from various parts of Dar es Salaam region to discuss and educate them on how to fight for their rights as part of the commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

“We have been receiving a number of cases here and most of them are of marriage challenges where men abandon their wives and children, taking all the properties and leave them with nothing, this kind of violence is on the rise, so WLAC has helped many women who came and spoke about their challenges...most of them have regained their properties taken by their husbands,” she said.


She stressed that GBV war will never end if women themselves will remain mum on the challenges they are going through.

She said WLAC’s doors were always open to receive and listen to women’s problems, empower them to attain their rights and to improve vulnerable population’s access to justice across Tanzania.


Kisandu said the legal centre has been at the forefront of the fight for the promotion and protection of women’s rights in Tanzania, accomplishing its successes through legal aid, advocacy and networking, paralegal training and outreach, and publication and documentation.

Florence Mremi, a Dar es Salaam resident commended WLAC for its support which helped her regain her land which was taken forceful by another person.

“After my land was taken and sold to another person, i was confused and had no way to do until someone directed me to go to WLAC’s office. They received me and helped to open a case in court, WLAC’s lawyers gave me strength to fight for my right and at the end of the day i won that case, i am so happy today,” she said.





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