Geita gets microscopes for TB in mining areas

18May 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Geita gets microscopes for TB in mining areas

THE Geita Gold Mining Ltd (GGML) has donated two microscopes worth13, 222,600/- to the Geita Region to enhance tuberculosis screening which is common in parts of mining areas.

That donation is a result of a study conducted by the National TB technical working group which indicated that Tuberculosis cases have been increasing in the Geita area because of unregulated mining activities, both formal and informal, where workers are exposed to the environment that increases the risk of TB and silicosis.

Speaking during the handover ceremony at the Geita Regional Commissioner’s Office, GGML managing director Richard Jordinson said: “We understand that TB can be reduced by increasing access to better diagnostic tools that will enable the early detection and therefore early treatment. However, other initiatives to promote safe working environments in the =small-scale mining area must also be a point of focus. This is why GGML, in collaboration with the Geita RC office and the Occupational, Safety and Health Authority (OSHA), held a workshop in 2018 to bridge the knowledge gap among key health and safety stakeholders in Geita.”

Richard added that, as a corporate citizen, GGML believes investment in community health is integral in the development process. He said that the donation of the microscopes will increase good detection and prevention of TB cases, simplifying its treatment and care.

“We understand that Geita region is surrounded by small-scale miners who work in dusty environments, something which increases the risk of contracting Tuberculosis. For the reason, we have decided to give these two microscopes to support Government initiatives in the fight against Tuberculosis,” the MD said.

For his part, Geita Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS)   Dennis Bandisa, on behalf of the Geita Regional Commissioner, acknowledged GGML’s support in the fight against Tuberculosis in Geita, mentioning that the Company has been running a number of different health programmes in collaboration with the Government to work to resolve health challenges in the area.

“GGML has been one of our good partners in executing a number of health projects especially spending 800 Million Tanzania Shillings to renovate the Geita Referral Hospital, the construction of dispensaries in Nyamalembo,Nyakahongola, Kasota and Kakubiro, where every dispensary cost 260 Million Tanzania Shillings to build.

Earlier this year, GGML also donated medical equipment to healthcare facilities worth 142/-   in a move to support the Katoro and Bukoli dispensaries in Geita,” said Bandisa.