Ginger farmers in Buhigwe District seek factory,markets for the crop

12Aug 2020
The Guardian
Ginger farmers in Buhigwe District seek factory,markets for the crop

​​​​​​​GINGER farmers of Mnzeze village, Mnzeze Ward, Buhigwe District in Kigoma Region have appealed to the government for help in finding investors for establishing a factory for the processing of the crop that is now largely cultivated in the District.

Speaking during the just ended Nanenane exhibition in Western Zone at Fatma Mwasa Grounds in Tabora, they said the crop is widely grown in the four villages of Mnzeze Ward – Mnzeze, Kishanga, Kigogwe and Mrungu where over 90 per cent of the residents grow ginger crop.

Among the farmers, including Ezekiel Joseph (46), resident of Mnzeze village said the crop had benefitted them greatly as it is not expensive to grow and also withstands drought.

He said last season for example, he cultivated two acres from which he harvested 16 tons of the crop earning him 9m/-, adding that this season he expects to harvest 32 tonnes from four acres he had cultivated.

Another farmer, Amos Kayage from Kishanda village said ginger was a commercial crop and if they get a reliable market or a processing factory they will benefit greatly economically.

He said ginger, if industrially processed can produce many products including ginger powder, fertilizer and others as opposed at present situation.

Buhigwe District Agricultural Officer Mjajiri Baraka concurred that the crop has greatly benefitted farmers in the Ward saying that on average they harvest up to 1,200 tons of ginger per year, but their main challenge was a reliable market, on which the government was working.

He said despite lack of the market, they sell the ginger to various areas in the country including neighbouring countries of Burundi, Rwanda and Congo DRC.