Ginnery builds secondary school and college to spur education

12Oct 2020
Wilhelm Mulinda
The Guardian
Ginnery builds secondary school and college to spur education

BARIADI-based Cotton Alliance Ginnery has built new secondary school and vocational training college worth 330m/- in a move aimed at improving education in Lake Zone region of Simiyu.

Handing over the education institutions, ginnery’s general manager, Boaz Ogola said that construction of Bugatu secondary school and Kasoli Vocational Training College is part of the company’s Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) and is also geared towards spearheading the government’s industrialization agenda.

He said that the support came after realizing that many school children travel long distances looking for secondary education.

The ginnery spent 150m/- for building secondary school in Bagatu village of Magu District and 180m/- for building vocational training college, according to Ogola.

Magu District Commissioner, Salum Kalli lauded the ginnery for the support, which according to him is a relief to hundreds of students, who have trekking long distances to look for education.He appealed to other investors to emulate the spirits shown by the ginnery.

Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Anthony Mtaka ordered all girls who have completed Standard Seven around the ginnery to register and undergo training at the newly build vocational training college in the area.

He also urged parents to ensure that all Standard Seven leavers continue with secondary education taking into account that the government has worked on challenges thwarting school girls' education.Executive Director of the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Dr Maduhu Kazi commended the initiatives made by the ginnery, assuring them that the government will provide investors all the support they need so that they operate smoothly.

The Fifth-Phase government, according to Dr Kazi is in need of serious investors, who ready to serve communities around them through their Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR).

“As TIC, we’re ready all the time to ensure that investors get all the support they need,” he said, adding that centre uses technology in communicating with investors to ensure that they invest in better environment.

He called on prospectus investors in the Lake zone to use TIC offices so that they can fully utilize a lot of opportunities available in the area.