Give accurate information on Ebola disease symptoms –health ministry

20Jan 2020
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Give accurate information on Ebola disease symptoms –health ministry

PEOPLE who were trained in combating Ebola disease in Songwe region are required to issue accurate information on the disease due to the disease’s symptoms resembling other diseases so as to get away with any misunderstandings among the public.

Ummy Mwalimu

Speaking at a training seminar on how to detect the disease and its prevention a public health education official in the Ministry of Health, Community Development Gender, Elders and Children Dr Tumaini Haonga said the main aim is to assure members of the public to get correct information as well as education on how to protect themselves from the scourge in case it erupts.

He said Songwe region is in danger of Ebola   due to its bordering southern African countries where there is great border interaction especially business transactions from people from Congo DRC.

Dr Tumaini said Ebola symptoms resemble some other diseases hence in order to verify and differentiate  the symptoms, the patient must have come from Congo DRC where there is the disease, and 21 days have to pass after making contact with  an Ebola victim.  

He explained that the disease   spreads through physical contact with the patient such as through   sweat, saliva, blood, excretion, human milk, clothes or even touching the body of the person who died of Ebola.

Songwe Region al Medical Officer George Mgallah said since the Region has been found to be the danger zone for Ebola eruption, they have started examining visitors who come in through Tunduma border post where there a special machine for the purpose.

He said they have already mobilized region’s leaders from village level upwards to follow up visitors who don’t pass through the official border post for the purpose of examining them.

The chairman of Chilulumo Roman Catholic Parish, Ernest Masanja from Chilulumo Ward, in Momba district said   through the training he has learned on how to combat the disease and promised to pass on the knowledge to his congregation.

Current statistics show that in Congo DRC   3,398 people were proven to have contacted Ebola  out of whom 2,235 people had died equivalent to 66 per cent.

The areas that have been severely affected by the disease are Kivu and Ituri North provinces, the areas ravaged by a long civil war.

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