Go for marketable degrees, RC tells university students

31Jul 2020
The Guardian
Go for marketable degrees, RC tells university students

​​​​​​​MBEYA Regional Commissioner, Albert Chalamila has urged students to choose their university courses wisely so that they won’t end up jobless.

MBEYA Regional Commissioner, Albert Chalamila.

RC Chalamila made the call yesterday when opening a one-day training seminar on how to apply for loans to the Higher Education Students Loan Board (HESLB) for students preparing to join the country’s universities this year.

He said: “It is the students' responsibility to think of their future by choosing the right courses. Students should ensure that the course of study they undertake would enable them to find employment,” he said, adding:

“There is a notion that many students prefers the teaching field as that is where they are certain to get employment, something, which isn’t correct at this time.”

“I advise you to take academic fields that you like so that you study with one heart so as to prevail in the job market,” said RC Chalamila.

He said jobs are available in the government and are given to only those with the required qualifications.

“In the streets there are so many graduates, but when the government advertises vacancies for professional, you start looking for those with the advertised qualifications, and there are so few,” he said.

HELSB officials said they have decided to provide education to loan applicants so that they understand on how best to apply for the loans.

HELSB Communication Manager Omega Ngole said many youths fail to get loans because they fail to fill application forms correctly, and added that they do not like that to happen again this year.

“Each year criteria and conditions for loans application change in accordance to guidelines given by the HELSB, hence it was important for the applicants to abide by the guidelines,” Ngole said.

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