Government to build tarmac road network along Lake Nyasa shores

21May 2020
The Guardian
Government to build tarmac road network along Lake Nyasa shores

​​​​​​​THE government plans to construct road network to tarmac level along the eastern shores of Lake Nyasa in Ruvuma Region from Lituhi up to Chiwindi on the border with Mozambique.

Ruvuma Regional Commissioner Christina Mndeme.

Ruvuma Regional Commissioner Christina Mndeme said the government has provided 129bn/- for the construction of 66 kms tarmac road from Mbinga to Mbaba Bay – the headquarters of Nyasa District and whose work is more than 50 percent complete.

Speaking to Mtupale village residents in Nyasa District Mndeme said in its budget for the coming Financial Year the government has inserted the 41 kms road at tarmac level from Nang’ombo to Chiwindi at the border with Mozambique.

She told the residents whenever they see experts coming for survey they should offer their cooperation and that the repair work now being done on the bridges is to enable vehicles to pass during the intervening period.

She said feasibility studies on Kitai, Lituhi up to Mbamba Bay have been completed and what remains is to allocate funds for start of the project that would see Nyasa district areas connected by tarmac roads network.

The RC further said in the Phase V government intends to see transportation challenges faced by residents of Nyasa District are solved as it has already bought three ships including two for cargo transport.

Meanwhile, the Ruvuma RC who is also the chairperson of the region’s Defence and Security Committee has called upon the residents of Chiwanda Ward in Nyasa District at the border with Mozambique to ensure the country is secure and that the road to be built by the government will also ensure the security of the area.

Tarmac road network in Nyasa District will make Ruvuma Region connected by tarmac road in the Mtwara Corridor from Mtwara up to Mbamba Bay in Ruvuma Region.