Government directs leisure places to tighten up on security

21Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Government directs leisure places to tighten up on security

HOME Affairs Minister George Simbachawene has directed owners of leisure places such as bars, weeding malls and other related areas to tighten up on security at entrances so as to bar people with firearms from entering.

This follows a recent tragic incident occurred in Sinza Dar es Salaam where a civilian     killed  his colleague and later committed suicide.

According to Simbachawene, the ministry has been saddened by the incident which has forced them to come up with a new system to control such incidents.

Addressing journalists soon after completing his two-day official tour in the Iringa Region, Simbachawene said that no one should be allowed to enter public leisure places with a weapon .

“All these named areas put strong security screening on all people before entering so as to ensure that they do not carry with them any kind of weapon which may affect peace in the area,” he said.

Simbachawene acknowledged that the ministry has something to learn from the tragic incident as it has shown that weapon ownership and storage has some gaps which need to be addressed.

“Weapon (gun, pistol) ownership procedures should be carefully followed and handled, this includes providing the weapon. There is a developed behaviour of granting the weapons to people who sometimes do not deserve to own them,” he said.

He added; “By just having a lot of many doesn’t guarantee you to own a gun/pistol, these things have procedures and not just fashion. Some conditions include being mentally fit as well as having insecurity challenges.”

He said his ministry commenced the process of identifying the owners of the weapons a month earlier and that some of the government officials involved in issuing firearms against procedures have been suspended from work pending investigation.

In his tour, the minister visited various projects calling on Chinese investors to continue conducting their activities legally and peacefully in Mufindi District and avoid fighting each other.

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