Government now scales up use of greenhouses for horticulture

08Apr 2019
The Guardian
Government now scales up use of greenhouses for horticulture

THE government has embarked on a project to reach out at least 18,800 young people with modern green house technology in a move aimed to promote horticulture and self-employment for poverty alleviation.

Employment director in the Prime Minister's Office (Policy, Parliamentary, Employment, Youth and the Disabled) Ali Msaki said   yesterday here at a special seminar to the members of the Parliamentary Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee.


 According to him, the project which will be implemented in 185 district councils  is also aimed to address employment crisis facing the country as well improve people’s livelihoods.


“In the first phase, the project will cover 12 regions and 83 councils. Youths will be reached with prerequisite on how to chip in green house farming for their development,” he said.


Msaki said, prior its implementation, the ministry will distribute a special framework to all regions, councils, municipals and cities that will be guiding them in implementation the project.


“The project will also involve provision of apprenticeship skills, commercial farming, crops value addition, in-job training, capacity building to graduates and so forth,” he added.


He said the fifth phase government was determined to help the youth initiate different small and medium economic projects due to limited opportunities in the employment market.


Also speaking during the seminar, director of the Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) Joseph Masimba said they decided to form the union to help youth focus on self employment.


He said that the country needs to undergo youth mindset transformation to change their negative perceptions towards agriculture in a bid to attract more youths in agribusiness undertakings, a move that will curb the current unemployment challenge.


According to him, this can be done through provision of education to youth on entrepreneurship initiatives through training, practical field work and making an easy access to capital through provision of loans with lower interest rates and grants to attract their effective involvement in the agribusiness.


Mohammed Mchengerwa, chairman of the Parliamentary Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee called on the government to also train fresh graduates with green house technology skills to enable them recognise the potential available in the agriculture sector.















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