Govt allots 20bn/- for geothermal power development

08Jan 2019
The Guardian
Govt allots 20bn/- for geothermal power development

THE government has allocated 20bn/- in the 2018/2019 fiscal year for the development of geothermal power, which will help to address power woes in the country, which heavily relies on hydropower and lately gas.

Stiglers hydropower plant

Beatus Segeja, board chairman of the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) revealed this yesterday when he visited Lake Ngozi one of the sources of geothermal power in Mbeya Region. Other geothermal sources in the region include Songwe, Mbaka and Kiejo.


His visit was meant to see the progress of the construction work and if it’s in good order as planned.


TGDC is a subsidiary company of Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO); 100 percent owned by the government, incorporated in December 2013 for the purpose of spearheading development of geothermal resources in Tanzania.


According Segeja, TGDC intends to invest in Lake Ngozi by drilling three wells for generation of geothermal power, which later be connected to the main grid.


He affirmed that the power plant is to be the first and of its own kind in the country.


“These projects are being implemented by the government in collaboration with Tanesco and development partners,” he said, adding: “Apart from the 20bn/-, we’re going to engage other stakeholders to beef-up the budget.”


TGDC technical director, Talamayeri Njukava, said that a team of experts from his office had proven that Lake Ngozi has enough geothermal power generation. The lake has temperature not less than 230 centigrade suitable for the project.


The lake’s water also has enough chloride amounting to PPM 1450.



“We are going to have four wells one of which to be used for testing” said Njukava.


TGDC General Manager, Eng. Kato Kabaka, said his company had conducted an environment assessment and attained a certificate from National Environmental Management.


He said the power plant will be capable of generating electricity that would serve well the industrial move by the government.


Geothermal energy is derived from the earth.


It is estimated that 200MW of geothermal energy are expected to be generated by 2025.


Tanzania has 50 areas potential for generating 5,000MW of geothermal power.





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