Govt allows export of food, cash crops

19Jan 2021
The Guardian
Govt allows export of food, cash crops

​​​​​​​THE government has issued assurances concerning permission for crops to be sold outside the country, with a view to providing opportunities to farmers to benefit from extensive cultivation of various crops.

Gerald Kusaya.

Gerald Kusaya, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, made this observation at the weekend during an inspection tour of agricultural projects in Morogoro Region. He said licences for crop sales across borders will soon start being issued to dealers, so farmers need to grow food and cash crops in abundance.

“The government has decided to open up opportunities for farmers to sell their crops outside the country depending on market availability in order to profit from their work and enhance their standards of living,” he said.

Crop traders, especially regarding food crops, need to come forward and take up opportunities as the government will issue licences without delay, he said.

He said the government has allowed crops to be sold outside the country so as to broaden the market for crops grown in the country, to motivate them to produce more.

Farmers of food crops must work hard and produce more crops for them to benefit more from external markets, he emphasised.

Following the top civil servant’s remarks, farmers in Morogoro Region have expressed satisfaction with the government’s position, noting that this will assist them overcome challenges of lack of reliable markets. 

Earlier, farmers presented various challenges they were facing, including lack of reliable markets for their crops and poor availability of farm inputs.

Shelua Ramadhani, a farmer, thanked the government for issuing that assurance, underlining the view that many farmers now stand to benefit from the crops they produce each year. Read More...

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