Govt arrest of people posting photos of Morogoro fuel tanker blast

13Aug 2019
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Govt arrest of people posting photos of Morogoro fuel tanker blast

DEPUTY Home Affairs Minister Eng Hamad Masauni yesterday directed police to arrest people circulating pictures of the recent horror accident in Morogoro through social networks.

Eng Masauni gave the order when speaking after Eid al-Adha prayers held at the main mosque in the region. He urged that circulating pictures of the deceased and victims violates country laws and humiliates them.

“Security organs including police should take action against people circulating accident pictures in social networks, those doing so are violating the country laws”, the Deputy Minister noted adding such acts humiliates both, victims and the deceased.

“It was an accident that claimed their lives, what if it was me and you involved in the accident, would you be happy seeing people sharing your pictures in various social networks? He questioned.

He noted that circulating the pictures doesn’t only violate country laws, but the acts are immoral and against our traditional customs. He called upon Tanzanians to stop circulating the pictures as stern legal measures will be taken against them.

Following the accident, President John Magufuli announced three days of mourning calling upon people to stop the dangerous practice of stealing fuel from tankers.

The accident occurred on Saturdays at an open area, near the main Msamvu bus terminal killing more than 70 people who were scrambling for fuel.

The tanker registered T.717 DDF with a trailer 645 CAN Toyota Scania overturned at Msamvu, in Morogoro. The vehicle was heading to Iringa from Dar es Salaam.

During his  visit at the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) on Sunday afternoon, President John  Magufuli urged doctors to provide first class specialized treatment to the 43 injured persons admitted at the facility at government costs.

A similar tragedy occurred in Mbeya in 2000 when a number of villagers were burned in explosion of oil tanker. At least 33 were killed during the incident that happened at Isongole village.

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