Govt assures contractor of timely payments

11Jan 2020
The Guardian
Govt assures contractor of timely payments

THE government yesterday assured payments for the contractor Dott Services constructing 50 kms from Mtwara – Mnivata road which is to be completed in three months timeframe.

Deputy minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Elias Kwandikwa

Deputy minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Elias Kwandikwa said the government will soon disburse all the remaining 89bn/- so that the road becomes passable throughout the year.

He made the statement when inspecting implementation progress of the project which is expected to boost the economy of Mtwara residents.

“We are aware of the delays in payments. We are going to settle all the payments for the road to be completed within the timeframe agreement”, said the deputy minister.

He said according to the government’s decision to construct the road at tarmac level was meant to enable residents to use it for social services and economically as well as to ensure reliable transport services especially during rainy seasons.

“We are targeting to make Tanzania an industrialised nation, we should make sure we improve all  infrastructures to facilitate transportation of agricultural goods to market and factories  ”, said Kwandikwa.

Mtwara District Commissioner, Evod Mmanda said completion of the road will facilitate transportation of goods and passengers in southern zone regions as well as neighbouring countries.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) Manager in Mtwara region, Eng Dotto Chacha informed the deputy minister that construction of   Mtwara – Mnivata road had reached 75 per cent whereas over 40 kilometers had  been constructed at tarmac level.

He said the contractor is expected to complete the remaining part of the 50 kilometers stretch within three months. He said the contractor is also finalising installation of traffic sign boards  and symbols.

Director of Dott Services, Raj Prudhvi promised to finish the remaining job and hand over the project to the government after three months.

The Mtwara – Mnivata road is part of the 200 kilometers—Mtwara – Newala – Masasi road which is economic viable to the residents. The road is mostly used by cashew  farmers from Nanyamba, Tandahimba, Newala and Masasi districts.

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