Govt budgets 1.4bn/- to combat  mouth related diseases

22Mar 2019
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Govt budgets 1.4bn/- to combat  mouth related diseases

GUM infections have been reported to affect more than 80 per cent of Tanzanians aged above 45 years, while other mouth related maladies continue to take toll on the remaining citizens.

The government, on the other hand, is budgeting 1.4bn/- to combat mouth related diseases.

That was revealed during the peak of the ‘World Oral Health Day,’ which climaxed in Arusha with free testing and treatment of mouth related problems for hundreds of city residents here. The event was held here for three days, at the Meru Primary School grounds.

The president of Oral Health Experts Association of Tanzania, Dr Ambege Mwakatobe said; “Gum troubles, despite being serious, are never really being addressed or given the attention they deserve,” pointed out the expert.

“  Speaking of gum infections, he said  also are correlated with other health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and other heart diseases,” said Dr Mwakatobe adding that, majority of the Tanzanians hardly attend medical check-ups generally, which means when it comes to oral screening this is almost non-existent to people.

According to Dr Mwakatobe, recent researches conducted in 31 countries worldwide, have also shown that gum diseases rank in the sixth position out of the 291 listed maladies, thus deserving to be treated among the leading health problems affecting nations today.

Acting Arusha Regional Medical Officer, Dr Omar Chande said Arusha has 57 oral health experts, while also there are 33 medical stations both public and private, dedicated to provide related mouth diseases treatments and care.

“We recently received medical equipment worth 60 million/- from the central government all devoted to handle oral care, hygiene and treatment of mouth related diseases,” stated Dr Chande, adding that the region also boasts  of a special oral care medical laboratory built at the cost of 70 million/-

The Arusha Urban District Commissioner, Gabriel Daqarro, who officiated  at the free oral medical check-up exercise in Arusha, which has so far reached out to around 50,000 residents, said the government has set aside over 1.4bn/- to cater for the provision of oral health and treatment among Tanzanians.     

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