Govt to build modern conference facility to boost tourism industry

12Aug 2019
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Govt to build modern conference facility to boost tourism industry

THE government is planning to construct a biggest and modern conference facility to accommodate big international conferences as one of tourism products.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof. Aldof Mkenda.

The international conference facility to be constructed in Dar es Salam will attract many international conferences and tourists.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof. Aldof Mkenda made the statement at the National Museum when inspecting different tourism attractions for the prominent SADC delegations that plan to visit the Museum.

Prof Mkenda said conference tourism was one of tourism products that attract many tourists at one moment.

“We want to have a bigger and modern conference facility which will attract international conferences such as World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisation, African Union and many others” he said adding that such meetings will attract many tourists in our country.

The Firth Phase Government has completed construction of Third Terminal building at Julius Nyerere International Airport with the capacity of handling over six million passengers per year; he said adding that the government has also facilitated ATC to operate effectively including to have international routes.

“All these are enabling environment in the conference tourism that will need people to travel for the conferences and tourism,” he said.

He gave an example of a country like Rwanda that has a bigger conference centre which attracts international conferences and tourists.

“The Rwanda conference attract more that 200 conference per year which means it benefits their country economically,” he said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Permanent Secretary said the SADC meeting was a blessing to Tanzania because it has provided business opportunities to Tanzanians.

“Hotels within the city centre are full, tour operators and tax drivers are busy and Dar es Salaam is flourishing,” he said.

He said his Ministry participated fully in preparation of the meeting in the area of marketing of our tourism attractions including national parks, natural resources, port infrastructures, hotels, culture and heritage.

Tanzanians ought to effectively use the SADC meeting economic opportunities, he said adding that

Prof Mkenda said despite of attracting the SADC delegation to different tourism attractions, Tanzania will also show her contribution to African liberation.

The National Museum is having special exhibition on contribution of Tanzania in liberation struggle of African countries.

The first President of Tanzania Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere spearheaded the struggle and was the Chairman of Frontline States.

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