Govt called to improve wildlife corridors in Longido district

14Nov 2019
The Guardian
Govt called to improve wildlife corridors in Longido district

THE government in Longido district has been called to allocate funds for the improvement of wildlife corridors to ensure water is available to avert conflict between wild animals and humans.

The call was made yesterday by the Councilor for Tingatinga ward, Peter Lekanet when speaking at the Councilors meeting here.

The chairman of Longido District Council Sabore Ken Ole Moloimet admitted the existence of the conflicts pitting humans and wild animals and said this was a result of not having enough water.

He said: “Elephants have caused much havoc in Sinya, Tingatinga and Eworendeke wards and the council has put up strategies to revive dormant dams to alleviate the situation.”

Divisional secretary for Kitumbeine, Lee Oldupa advised the council to renovate the dam located in the grazing area of the division that was built since colonial times but was destroyed by seasonal rains  in 2018 .

Longido District wildlife officer Lomayani Lukumay said beginning March to November this year four   deaths have been reported due to altercation with wildlife especially elephants, and two injured and up to now, he said, the government through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has paid  compensation to 13 families that were affected.

Kulumay said the procedure to pay compensation to victims of the conflicts is as follows: when a person is killed the family receives 1m/- compensation and if he received injuries he gets 200,000/-. And in case he receives injuries that caused permanent disability the compensation is 500,000/-

When handing over the Simba river water project to Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA) the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water and irrigation Prof Kitila Mkumbo said the ministry will provide 107m/- for the construction of infrastructure for livestock to enable them to have water and alleviate conflicts between wildlife and  people.

He also revealed   fines for people sabotaging the project including vandalism  of pipelines whose fines are between 1,000/- to 50m/- or two years in jail or both.

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