Govt calls on fishermen to set up cooperatives

20Nov 2020
The Guardian
Govt calls on fishermen to set up cooperatives

​​​​​​​THE government has called on all districts in Tanga Region that benefit from fishing activities to mobilise fishermen to form cooperatives in order to upraise themselves economically as well as supervising large scale seaweed farming.

Dr Rashid Tamatamah, Permanent Secretary in the Livestock and Fisheries Ministry (Fisheries Division) issued the directives early this week when inspecting the construction of office building for Kipumbwi Ward Beach Management Unit (BMU) which he said he was not pleased with construction work thereof.

“Seaweed is money; it is food and also a reward from God. We must supervise its beneficial production and add value thereon to ensure reliable price for the crop farmed in shallow waters,” he said.

He said as for now the government has decided to mobilise for huge investment in the fishing sector.

Dr Tamatamah said the decision by his ministry to heavily invest in the sector has been contributed by great the government’s great achievements during the first five years of the Phase V Government in controlling illegal fishing that saw increase of fish in the country’s lakes and the sea. Read More...

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