Govt calls for implementation of residential postcode system

03May 2021
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Govt calls for implementation of residential postcode system

Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication Permanent Secretary Dr Zainab Chaula has called upon local government leaders to properly supervise implementation of the national postcode system for residential address currently executed at different regions across the country.

Dr Chaula made the directive in Mwanza during her meeting with 175 leaders from local government authority and ward executive officers from Ilemela and Nyamagana districts. She said the leaders are responsible for ensuring successful implementation of the project which will see houses placed with identification numbers.

The PS added that the government has started to implement the national postcode address in twelve districts. She said that Mwanza city has been earmarked as a pilot where two districts—Ilemela and Nyamagana will be given priority.

Dr Chaula noted that the postcode addresses would help in identification of residential areas of as well as houses. He said it would also be easily to identify people residing in particular houses. She said the leaders would be responsible for ensuring each of the streets is given names.

Speaking during the meeting, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Aifelo Sichalwe said the postcode address would help improve provision of health services. He urged the leaders to closely monitor operations at health centres and dispensaries and ensure availability of essential drugs.

According to him, the local government leaders are responsible for supervising health workers, hence the need to make sure they implement their duties accordingly.

The national postcode address contract has been awarded to the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) subsidiary to set the marks in 12-councils.

The areas to be covered under the postcode contract are cities of Mwanza, Dodoma and Tanga while Morogoro, Moshi, Shinyanga, Ilemela, Geita, Kibaha, Chamwino, Chato and Bahi will get them at their council levels.

According to the ministry, communication authorities have already finalized the initial formulation of formulating the post code for the entire country and what has remained is for the exercise to identify wananchi’s settlements to be provided with physical addresses.

The post code system for physical addresses of people’s residences is a basic method that will help to identify permanent structures for them to be given addresses including street names and house numbers.

The system is important for the country’s development especially in tax collections and easily enabling the wananchi’s access to loans from financial institutions.

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