Govt calls for timely teachers’ per diem

23Jan 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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Govt calls for timely teachers’ per diem

President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government minister Selemani Jafo has given one week to municipal councils to complete payment of subsistence allowances to new teachers allocated at different schools countrywide.

Minister Jafo made the directive in Dodoma yesterday when he talked on the ongoing government efforts to improve provision of vocational education.

He said that late last year the government employed 13,000 new teachers who were allocated at different schools across the country, and that each of the municipal councils was directed to give them subsistence allowance upon arrival.

Jafo was concerned that some of the councils have yet paid the allowance in full, insisting payments must be completed within seven days.

“I don’t want to see teachers working under a stressful environment, so all the councils must ensure that they pay the allowances immediately,” insisted the minister.

Meanwhile, minister Jafo directed Regional Commissioners to closely supervise technical secondary schools so as to ensure that the schools produce competent graduates of various fields.

According to him, the government has spent 16.4bn/- to rehabilitate infrastructures of the schools.

“In the rehabilitation exercise, Bwiru Boys Technical Secondary school got 825m/-, Chato Secondary School (3.9bn/-), Ifunda Technical High School (3.6bn/-), Moshi Technical Secondary School (2.1bn/-), Iyunga Technical Secondary School (1.01bn/-), Mtwara Technical Secondary (1.3bn/-), Musoma Technical Secondary School (1.2bn/-), Mwadui Technical Secondary School (226m/-) and Tanga Technical Secondary School received 2.1bn/-,” he said.

He said that the RCs should make regular visits to the schools, talk to teachers and explain to them the government’s strategies that are aimed to improve the quality of the schools.

In addition, he said a total of 30m/- has been allocated to each school so as to purchase teaching and learning equipment in the technical schools.

“The government’s aim is to see these technical schools produce enough and competent graduates to serve in various fields in the country such as agriculture and processing industries.

According to him, in efforts meant to improve teaching in the technical schools, in November last year, the government hired 150 vocational teachers.

He explained that Bwiru got 16 teachers), Chato (18 teachers), Ifunda (16 teachers), Iyunga (17 teachers), Moshi (17 teachers), Mtwara (15 teachers), Musoma (16 teachers), Mwadui (18 teachers) and Tanga (17 teachers).


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