Govt conducting research on establishing TRA countrywide

10May 2016
Felister Peter
The Guardian
Govt conducting research on establishing TRA countrywide

THE government is conducting a cost and benefit analysis for the establishment of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) sub-offices in various districts across the country, Deputy Finance Minister, Dr Ashatu Kijaji, said yesterday.

Dr Kijaji said the government was now at the final stage of completing the cost-benefit analysis, and that plans are to open TRA offices in all the district countrywide including Kilindi in Tanga.

“We must be sure of the available opportunities and revenue collection projections before opening a TRA branch,” she noted.The Deputy Minister was replying to a question by Omari Kigua (Kilindi-CCM) who specifically wanted to know when the government would open a TRA branch in Kilindi District. The MP was concerned that the absence of offices in the area was hindering development due to poor revenue collections.

According to Kigua, traders, workers and farmers in Kilindi District avoided paying various government taxes since payments could only be effected through TRA offices in Handeni District which is located far from their locality.

“May I appeal to the residents of Kilindi in Tanga Region and the public in general to voluntarily pay taxes as per the laws,” she said, adding that by evading taxes they were violating the law and hindering government revenue collection efforts.

She, however, admitted that the presence of TRA offices would raise the morale of citizens to pay taxes.