Govt to connect Mbeya with Tabora and Singida regions by tarmac road

30Jul 2021
The Guardian
Govt to connect Mbeya with Tabora and Singida regions by tarmac road

​​​​​​​THE government, in FY 2021/22 plans to construct 58 kms of tarmac road connecting Mbeya with Tabora and Singida regions from Makongolosi Town in Chunya District.

This has been revealed here on Wednesday this week by Lupa Member of Parliament, Masanche Kasaka when he was addressing Makongolosi residents on the implementation of various development projects in the district.

He said as for now the 39 km Chunya-Makongolosi road has been completed hence in the budget recently endorsed by parliament, funds have been allocated for the extension of the road in different phases.

He said in addition to the road, there are also various roads that will be improved by the government to assist people in remote areas to transport their farm crops without any obstacles.

“The government has provided 1bn/- for the roads serviced by TARURA in our district hence there are many other roads that will be improved,” Kasaka said.

He also said Chunya District has 12 villages and 14 hamlets that are yet to get electricity but claimed that already contractors were continuing to distribute power to all villages.

He said the aim of the government is to make sure all villages in the country are connected to electricity to make it easy for the people to start small factories for income generation.

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