Govt to createfriendly environment for blue economy to benefitcitizens

24Jun 2022
Joseph Mwendapole
The Guardian
Govt to createfriendly environment for blue economy to benefitcitizens

THE government is eager to create friendly environment to ensure opportunities available in blue economy benefit citizens first and urged them to be ready to take chance.

Suleiman Makame.

Suleiman Makame, Zanzibar minister for Blue Economy and Fisheries said this on Wednesday when wrapping up the two-day international blue economy conference that was organised by Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute (DMI).

He said if Tanzanians will work up and tap blue economy opportunities they will utilize the available resources for their economic development to raise their incomes and eventually the money they get will remain circulating in our economy.

“For a very longtime we have witnessed many foreign ships conducting fishing activities in our deep sea, they come and take our resources and we remain to be observers. I think this is not good trend we have to reorganise and start fishing in the deep sea because I believe we are able to do it,” he said.

He urged (DMI) management to improve their curriculum to accommodate seafarers fisheries profession because the government expects to receive many ships for fishing which need qualified experts for fishing activities in deep sea.

The minister said three month ago, the government received ship which will be used for fishing in deep sea so there is need to train more fisheries experts who will be used in the sector instead of being too dependent to foreign fishing experts.

“Am not a seafarer but I have been close to many of them for a very long time so I know majority of them are not specialized in fishing because majority are ship engineers and ship captains so I urge DMI management to put curriculum that will accommodate seafarers to specialize in fishing so that we can have our own experts,” he said.

The minister said Tanzanian citizens have not used effectively different opportunities available in deep sea and instead they depend much in hand to mouth fishing which does not help them to increase their incomes and improve their lives.

 “We in Zanzibar have started to organise ourselves to go to fish in deep sea and you are supposed to do the same because you have been issuing fishing permit to foreign ships for a very long time so it is high time for you to take chance and go deep sea for fishing. We must change this trend like what we did in minerals,” said the minister.

He also urged conference participants to go and implement what they have learnt from the two days conference and educate people who don’t know what blue economy means.

 “You have been here for two days and you were taught many things concerning blue economy and economic opportunities available in the sea so what next is for you to practice what you have learnt here to make sure our country benefit with resources available in our sea,” he said.

He also commended DMI for organising the blue economy conference which he said has helped to a great extent educates the participants about the meaning of blue economy and opportunities that are available in the sea.

DMI Acting Principle, Dr Tumaini Gurumo, said for many years the college has been training seafarers who are not fishers adding that they will improve their curriculum to accommodate seafarers who will specialize in fishing.

“We are aware that human resource development in attaining blue economy goals is very crucial so we will take on board the minister’s directives and we are going to implement it so that we train local seafarers who will specialize in fishing,” she said.

She said it is true that many Tanzanians have been practicing hand to mouth fishing which does not help them to improve their lives adding that through the blue economy theory, government want to see citizens change and fish in a way that will increase their income and transform their lives.

“There are some people who stay close to the sea but for many years they do a small fishing activity which does not change their lives because what they get can only feed their families so with blue economy theory we need our people to go deep sea and do serious fishing which will transform their lives,” she said.

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