Govt directslocal councils tosurvey all areas allocated for investment

15Aug 2020
The Guardian
Govt directslocal councils tosurvey all areas allocated for investment

​​​​​​​LAND officials in local councils have been instructed to ensure areas allocated for investment are surveyed and well planned for their better use in villages.

The directives were issued yesterday by the Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Dr Angeline Mabula during her inspection visit of the lands sector and projects implemented by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) in Geita Region.

Dr Mabula said some areas in the country’s various local councils have been set aside for investments but have not been surveyed, while plans for better land use for some villages have not even been formulated, the situation that she said would chase away prospective investors as well as inculcate land conflicts.

The Deputy Minister, who during her visit also visited Chato and Geita Districts, directed council officials thereof to increase the pace in formulating plans for better land use in villages in order to minimize land conflicts, especially those pitting farmers and pastoralists.

In regard to work performance of the recently established regional lands offices, Dr Mabula called on the local councils to use them well for various lands issues.

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