Govt: Edible oil shipment will curb current shortage

13Jan 2021
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Govt: Edible oil shipment will curb current shortage

​​​​​​​INDUSTRY and Trade minister Geoffrey Mwambe yesterday affirmed that another consignment of edible oil reaching 26,450 tonnes has arrived at the port of Dar es Salaam, considered to be sufficient to counter the widespread scarcity of the commodity.

​​​​​​​INDUSTRY and Trade minister Geoffrey Mwambe.

In a statement availed to the media, the minister said that the ship docked on Tuesday last week and is scheduled to unload the cargo from Tuesday to Friday next week.

He assured the public that the government will continue taking measures to ensure that there is enough supply of edible oil.

“This is the second ship, I have already contacted the importers and they assured me that another ship will arrive in 45 days and another in February. Tanzania consumes 30,000 metric tonnes per month and we still have edible oil produced locally,” he specified.

Discussions were continuing with importers to see how they can chip in and establish oil processing factories in the country so as to reduce dependency on foreign markets, he stated.

“They have agreed on this and said that they will explore partnerships for large oil palm plantations, buy peanuts and coconut so as to produce enough oil locally to eliminate oil imports,” he said.

He explained the rise in price of the essential commodity as due to poor production globally, but the government was doing all it can to address the situation.

“Reports show that global edible oil prices stood at $786 per tonne in October 2020, rising to $1075 per tonne early this month. This is among impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he asserted. Read More...

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