Govt to establish rural water supply and sanitation agency

01Feb 2019
Felister Peter
The Guardian
Govt to establish rural water supply and sanitation agency

THE government intends to establish the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) to improve supervision of water projects and services in the rural areas.

Water Minister, Prof Makame Mbarawa

The new body will be established following the House endorsement of “The Water Supply and Sanitation Bill, 2018”.


Water Minister, Prof Makame Mbarawa told the National Assembly that RUWASA will also be responsible for construction of water dams and deep water wells in the villages.


“There will be   national water fund responsible for sourcing monies for implementation of water projects”, said Prof Mbarawa adding improved water services will boost growth other economic sectors.


He said that section 61 and 69 of the bill proposes for a penalty of between 5 and 10m/- for misuse of water resources. He said individuals found guilty of destroying water sources will pay a penalty of between 50,000/- and 1m/- or one month jail sentence.


The minister highlighted that the bill specify responsibilities of local government leaders, regional secretariats and wards and village executives in ensuring provision of quality water services and supervision of  the projects.


The bill will recognise activities of the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA).


Presenting opinions of the opposition camp, Mchinga MP, Hamidu Bobali (CUF) said there are possibilities of some Tanzanians failing to pay the fines.


 He suggested for the bill to specify the penalties to be paid by companies and individuals destroying water sources.


Chairman of the Committee on Water, Mahmoud Mgimwa said the fines for people destroying water sources should be between 500,000/- and 5m/-. He said the punishment for people destroying water infrastructures should be set according to the type of specific infrastructure.