Govt hands over Igofi water source to Kitulo   

03Jul 2020
The Guardian
Govt hands over Igofi water source to Kitulo   

Makete District authorities in Njombe Region has handed over Igofi water source at Kinyika ward to the management of Kitulo National Park in order to control environmental destruction through human activities.

Makete District Commissioner Veronica Kessy.

It has also instructed the people who cultivate and graze in areas surrounding the water source to be forcibly evacuated and called on park wardens to supervise removal of unfriendly vegetation at the water source.

The directives were given by the Makete District Commissioner Veronica Kessy when launching a beekeeping project of people living with HIV/Aids in Kinyika village by Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) through Kitulo National Park.

She said in addition to removing the unfriendly vegetation at the water source, they should also supervise the planting of trees that are friendly to the water source to make it last long.

“You have invited me to launch this project, but I also have legal authority to issue directives – from today I want this water source be managed by Kitulo National Park management,” she said.

She congratulated the park’s management for its good neighbouring in assisting the beekeepers group as the hives will assist them in income generation, without destroying the environment.

Acting Kitulo National Park Conservator, Suzan Tesha said the beehives and other items donated cost 16.5m/-.

She said the aim is to assist the communities living around the park area to continue engaging themselves in protecting the area from people seeking to unlawfully reap its natural resources.

Various Kinyika Ward officials pledged to implement the DC’s instructions by actions to protect the water source as it was in danger of drying up.

Acting Kinyika Ward secretary Asifiwe Mwaitege said they will work together with the Kitulo National Park management to protect the water source.

In May 2018, the government approved 25 new wild animals to be introduced to the Kitulo National Park.

The then Deputy minister for natural Resources and Tourism, Japhet Hasunga told the National Assembly that all the process including the legal requirements have been followed to release the wild animals.

Kitulo National Park is a protected area of montane grassland and montane forest on the Kitulo Plateau found in Iringa region in the southern highlands of Tanzania.

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