Govt imposes PI injunctions on 4,438 aliens

22Mar 2016
Mashaka Mgeta
The Guardian
Govt imposes PI injunctions on 4,438 aliens

THE government has expelled 4,438 illegal immigrants through the Prohibited Immigrant (PI) notes for the period between 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Wilson Bambaganya

Acting Commissioner of Immigration (Border Management and Control), Wilson Bambaganya, disclosed this over the weekend when speaking with The Guardian.

Bambaganya noted that immigrants who were hit with the PI stamp were part of a total of 10, 244 immigrants arrested for entering the country illegally.

According to Bambaganya, an increasing number of illegal immigrants were contributed by different factors, including the huge length of land boundaries which weakened efforts to control them.

“Most of our borders are too long and lack natural boundaries such as mountains and water bodies. Because of limited resources, it gives illegal immigrants an opportunity to enter the country illegally easily,” he said.

But Bambaganya noted, however, that the government of President John Magufuli was currently providing them with important resources to overcome the challenges and facilitate the efforts to control illegal immigration and other criminal acts.

Bambaganya noted that in order to control illegal immigrants, the department of Immigration needed to distribute all the basic information concerning PI notes to the country’s entry points.

“For instance, you can control illegal immigrants at the airport but they use other entry points such as Namanga, Rusumo, Holili and others,” she said.

Despite information- sharing, Bambaganya revealed that some Immigration staff did not obey public service ethics, hence engaged in misconduct such as accepting bribes to allow illegal immigrants to enter the country.

“But we have strengthened our systems which enable the department to capture and arrest those engaged in helping illegal immigrants and other illegal business at our entry points,” he said.

However, Bambaganya insisted that as the world witnessed movement of people engaged in negative acts, it was better for all citizens to join the government in combating illegal immigration.

“We have sternly cautioned our staff and taken strong actions such as terminating their employment contracts when they are found to have engaged in helping illegal immigrants,” he said.