Govt to install special communication devices to all ferries

25May 2019
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Govt to install special communication devices to all ferries

The government is expected to install special communication devices to all ferries in the country to offer information on overloading of passengers and cargo with an aim of controlling accidents.

The new devices will also be able to show reckless and dosing drivers according to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communication Dr Elius Mwakalinga.

Dr Mwakalinga was speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday when he officially opened the 2nd annual engineers and technicians’ day in Dar es Salaam.

“The installation exercise is expected to start in the coming financial year and any ferry which will carry cargo and passengers beyond its capacity, the alarm will ring and the ferry will not be able to leave the gat,” he said.

The PS said the decision has been reached after reports showed that the reasons for the capsizing of the MV Nyerere which killed more than 200 people last year was due to overloading of passengers.

This year’s annual engineers and technicians day was being commemorated under the theme ‘The role of in building of an industrial economy’.

Dr Mwakalinga said technicians have a big role to play in making Tanzania achieve its plan to an industrial economy.

He said the number of registered technicians which is 112 is very small compared to the number of those who graduate every year.

“I call upon all technicians to register themselves with the board, the government is ready to tale yhis profession to another level,” he said.

The PS said in the coming financial year, the government will provides capacity building to local technicians to ensure they participate fully in the various mega projects being undertaken in the country.

He said it is relevant that that for any mega project being executed in the country there should be local technicians so that they gain expertise.

The Chairman for the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) Eng Ninatubu Lema said the number of engineers in the country is very small whereby a single engineer is supposed to work with five technicians.

He called upon the engineers to establish small industries to ensure the country meets its targets of having an industrialized nation.

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