Govt keen to attain 50/50 gender representation

09Mar 2016
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Govt keen to attain 50/50 gender representation

THE government has pledged to reconsider gender balance in employment opportunities in an effort to meet the target of 50/50 representation.

Women walk to commemorate the World Women's Day.

Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance) Angela Kairuki told scholars, activists and representatives from non-governmental organisations in an open forum over the weekend to discuss challenges and ways forward to reach 50/50 representation by 2030.

She said currently there are 558,353 civil servants whereby out of those 308.879 are men and 231,629 are women.

She further said the government has to date trained 137 senior staff that will further be used in new posts when replacements would be required.

“Through Association of Teachers Educators (ATE) women are now empowered with skills so that they can be part of board members.

This is a step forward that needs to be commended”, she said. She said that experience has shown that where women hold the highest positions, the organisations tend to perform remarkably well compared to those headed by men.

On another note, she said that the move to train more women will go hand in hand with extension of loans to higher learning students.

She explained that out of all students currently enrolled in higher learning institutions in the country, only 34 percent are women.

Kariuki said that the move aims at increasing the number of women enrolled in colleges per annum.

The minister also said that they intend to help more women access loans from financial institutions because failure to do so they will not be able to achieve much.