Govt launches LSF mobile app in Dar  

16Jun 2021
Theresia Victor
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Govt launches LSF mobile app in Dar  

​​​​​​​CONSTITUTIONAL and Legal Affairs minister Prof Palamagamba Kabudi yesterday challenged Tanzanians to ensure proper use of mobile phones by educating themselves on various issues including human rights and legal matters.

He was concerned that there are still some people who are not aware of their rights, thus, the use of the newly launched mobile app—‘Haki Yangu App’ by Legal Service Facility (LSF) will help them to understand their rights.

Speaking during the official launch of the LSF mobile app in Dar es Salaam, Prof Kabudi insisted on Tanzanians to use their mobile phones to educate themselves on legal matters, hence broadening their understandings and exposure on how to deal with such matters when faced with the situations.

According to him, there is a continued increase in gender based violence (GBV) cases with most of them linked to women and girl’s poor understanding of their rights. He said with the Haki Yangu App they will now be able to learn different legal measures to take when dealing with such offences.

“This app came as a bridge between citizens and legal service providers; paralegals will be providing assistance to citizens and respond to their queries through the mobile app,” said Prof Kabudi.

The Minister added: “This is an opportunity for us all to learn while at home or any place of your convenience, the new mobile app will help us to secure fast assistance whenever faced with such situations.”

Prof Kabudi noted that the government is determined to ensure human rights to all Tanzanians as well as embracing good governance and providing access to the judiciary and the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG).

LSF Chief Executive Officer, Lulu Ng'wanakilala said the mobile app they have launched will enable citizens to access legal education in a timely manner and that will aid them in their everyday lives.

The app is more focused on reaching women and girls as a targeted group because they are the major victims of GBV, inheritance issues, and land ownership matters, said Ng’wanakilala.

The LSF boss added that the Haki Yangu App can be navigated in both Kiswahili and English and it is free of charge. She said all the legal services provided through the app are also free of charge.

“We target at reaching many people, especially those living on the peripherals. We are going to provide them with legal education and assistance,” she noted.

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