Govt launches maize flour standards tests  for local processors

05Mar 2019
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
Govt launches maize flour standards tests  for local processors

THE government has launched an exercise to collect samples of maize flour from various grain milling machines countrywide to see if they follow all required standards.

Govt launches maize flour standards

 tests  for local processors countrywide

Speaking  over the weekend  during an event which was held in Dar es Salaam at Muungano Street in Manzese area ,  Inspector from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards Baraka Mbajije, said they would be taking  maize flour samples from  grain processing  machines and markets.


“We will send them to our accredited laboratory to see whether the  manufacturers follow all standards procedures during production, he said.


He said the test results will be released after seven  days and all processors  will be notified whether they qualify or not.


Mbajije noted that if the results test proved failure, the processors  would be compelled to stop production of the said products and compelled to follow standards requirement procedures.


He revealed that the Standards watchdog had received complaints from various people  in the city regarding the quality of the maize flour.


According to him similar exercise is being conducted in various regions countrywide to see whether manufacturers and food processors adhere to the standards requirements.


“ Our main role is to protect consumers from purchasing substandard goods which are not good for their health  and increases costs of living,” he added.


He urged the public to buy products from certified and legally recognised outlets scattered all over the country. The  new  standard  for maize flour in the country is TZS 328: 2016


"There are many people in the country who are victims of substandard goods and we must take action to protect them,” Charles said.


He said  the  organisation will continue taking harsh measures against people who are engaged in the importation and sale of substandard goods countrywide.


Standards Act No. 2 of 2009 states that TBS is mandated to promote standards, and in doing so it cannot compromise quality. It empowers the agency to suspend production or importation of any goods which abuse procedures.


According to him, inspectors from TBS would keep on to   conduct inspections in various markets , to buy samples  of various products and test to see if they meet the required standard.


On his part, a flour maize processor at Manzese area identified as  Severine Thomas, thanked the officials from Standards watchdog for visiting  them.


“I have never come across with you, we will take all your recommendations in order to improve our products and enable them to be sold beyond Tanzania boarders,” he said.


He appealed to the  government organs to conduct more inspections and awareness campaigns on substandard products in order to save the lives of  many Tanzanians


“I urge the government to continue conducting inspections  and  awareness education programmes  to consumers on the importance of  quality maize flour, “ Thomas  said.


He said they are ready to support the government in its fight to remove substandard products in the market.


According to him , the problem of  substandard  maize flour was becoming big hence concerted efforts were needed to stop the ugly practice.


He   urged the government through TBS to enhance its cooperation with the local food processors who know the culprits.