Govt lifts Lake Zone ban on pork, pig sale

01Mar 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Govt lifts Lake Zone ban on pork, pig sale
  • *Muleba district not yet cleared, ministry underlines

THE Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries has lifted a ban on sale and consumption of pork in six districts in Lake Zone that were hit by African Swine Fiver (ASF) one month ago.

Prof Hezron Nonga, the Director of Veterinary Services, told this paper in an interview yesterday that ASF has disappeared in the districts but Muleba district in Kagera region has not been declared safe, and thus the ban is still in place.

The other districts that were declared to be affected late last month are Mbogwe and Geita in Geita Region, Sengerema and Missungwi in Mwanza Region, Kyerwa in Kagera Region and Kahama in Shinyanga Region.

“All the six districts are now free of the disease and the ban on trade in pork and pigs has been lifted except Muleba,” the director said.

By the time of imposition of the ban last month, the minister, MashimbaNdaki said in Dodoma that the rapidly spreading influenza had already killed 1,500 pigs in affected districts. The ban focused on trading in and transporting pigs.

The minister said that 909 deaths were recorded in Kahama, while 56 were registered in Geita. Mbogwe district had 388 swine deaths up to that moment, and Sengerema chalked up 147 deaths.

This tally was about 10.1 percent of 14,814 domesticated pigs by current estimates in the four districts, with their total worth put at 375m/-.

Kahama municipality which was the most affected lifted the ban at the weekend with an appeal to traders to boost activities in the sub-sector that was dormant for one month..

 Municipal Veterinary Officer Damian Yustin said that the ban has been lifted but the business will not continue as usual as before the ASF scare.

“Before lifting the ban, we held a meeting of stakeholders including pig farmers and traders and agreed that no pork will be sold for consumption without being inspected by our health officials,” he said.

He emphasised that municipal officials will be on the lookout to ensure that all pork is inspected, where unauthorized meat will be impounded and destroyed as required by the law.

Lifting of the ban means that pork lovers, traders and piggery owners can now go back to normal - though facing minor restrictions to forestall another outbreak.

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